High quality print

Looking for a real eye catcher? High quality prints are limited available for all my images.

The printing method used, a photoprint between Dibond and Acryl, gives an amazing looking and sustainable result. A photo frame is not necessarily and the high gloss finish gives great debt in colours and contrast. The prints are made in a professional photo lab.

The following sizes and circulations are available: 50×75 (9), 80×120 (5)  and 120×180 (3).


Unique coffee table photobook

The best images of Martijn Fabrie Photography (2013-2014), collected in a great photobook. This soft cover book will definitely stand out, with images of abandoned buildings and amazing nature. The photobook is available for €35,-.

Prices and availability

Interested in a print or photo book? Please contact me for more information. (abroad) Shipment possible in consultation. Images are on display at Kunst + Co (Amstelveen) and  Leon|Raoul (The Hague).